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2023 Canadian Hematology Today
Symposium on B-Cell Malignancies

Attend the Symposium

We are excited to welcome you to Canadian Hematology Today’s inaugural symposium on B-cell malignancies in Toronto in May 2023.

The symposium has been created to expand our mission of providing a peer-to-peer space for Canadian clinicians and researchers to share practical real-world experience in the treatment and management of hematologic disease. Join us at the Hilton Toronto on May 6 to learn about and discuss the latest therapies, best practices, and other updates. See the full agenda below.

As we continue to advance our understanding of B-cell malignancies, disease management becomes more complex and newer therapies become available, and it’s more important than ever for practitioners to communicate our real-world experience of disease.

Conference Agenda

Friday, May 5, 2023

7:00pm Welcome Cocktail Reception & Networking Event

Saturday, May 6, 2023

7:30am BeiGene Breakfast Symposium

Dr. Nicole Lamanna

8:15am Buffet Breakfast & Networking Period
9:00am Steering Committee Chair Welcome & Learning Objectives

Dr. Julie Stakiw

9:10am Keynote Lecture: Complex Immunotherapies

Dr. Michael Jain

Topic 1: Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
9:40am ICC & WHO Updates: Implications for Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

Dr. Robert Kridel

9:57am Upcoming Frontline Treatment Options: When is RCHOP Not Enough?

Dr. Laurie Sehn

10:15am Panel Debate: CAR-T vs. Other Immune Therapies for Aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

Dr. Anca Prica, Dr. Ronan Foley

Moderator: Dr. Kelly Davison

10:35am Program Break
Topic 2: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
10:55am Current Treatments in CLL

Dr. Alina Gerrie

11:12am Upcoming and Future Treatments in CLL

Dr. Inhye Ahn

11:30am Panel Debate: FDT vs. Continuous Therapies for CLL

Dr. Carolyn Owen, Dr. Graeme Fraser, Dr. Nicole Lamanna

Moderator: Dr. Versha Banerji

Topic 3: Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
11:55am The Standard of Care in Canada for Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

Dr. Christine Chen

12:12pm What’s New in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

Dr. Steven P. Treon

12:25pm Panel Discussion: Cases in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

Dr. Anthea Peters, Dr. Rajshekhar Chakraborty, Dr. Irwindeep Sandhu

12:55pm Buffet Lunch & Networking
Topic 4: Multiple Myeloma
1:40pm The CADTH Algorithm and its Implications for Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Chris Venner

1:57pm Complex Immunotherapies in Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Ajai Chari

2:15pm Panel Discussion: Optimal Sequencing for Multiple Myeloma Therapies

Dr. Guido Lancman, Dr. Richard LeBlanc, Dr. Arleigh McCurdy

Moderator: Dr. Hira Mian

2:35pm Program Break
Topic 5: Indolent Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas
2:50pm What’s New in First-Line Therapies for Mantle Cell Lymphoma?

Dr. Diego Villa

3:07pm Relapsed/Refractory in Follicular Lymphoma and Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Dr. Isabelle Fleury

3:25pm Panel Discussion: Cases in Indolent Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

Dr. Roopesh Kansara, Dr. Douglas Stewart, Dr. Gwynivere Davies

Moderator: Dr. Diego Villa

3:45pm Review of Key Takeaways & Closing Remarks
3:55pm Dismissal

Conference Objectives

  • Provide current and high-quality information on the latest developments in the management of B-cell malignancies
  • Create collegial learning opportunities that enable clinicians to incorporate real-world learnings into their practice
  • Foster discussions that allow for the sharing of knowledge and experience among delegates and representatives
  • Respond to emerging professional needs for specific and in-depth information on newly available and forthcoming therapies for B-cell malignancies in the Canadian market

The CHT 2023 Symposium on B-Cell Malignancies is a dedicated educational forum designed to inform and update Canadian clinicians on the management of hematologic disease.